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Adding an AngularJS AJAX busy indicator to the RAW stack

Published: 3/28/2014

With the typical AngularJS SPA application there are lots of AJAX calls going on to retrieve data from the server. This sometimes results in a view that appears empty to the user. The page is...

WebAPI, PascalCase and camelCase

Published: 3/26/2014

In the RAW stack the ASP.NET WebAPI plays a big part in exposing data to the client and accepting data back in. This does mean that it is also the boundary of the AngularJS, or JavaScript, and C#...

Using Bootstrap to make the movies list responsive

Published: 3/24/2014

The current movie list looks quite nice on a desktop browser but leaves something to be desired on a tablet or phone. And as this is something I think should work just as well it is high time to fix...

Index of posts on the RAW stack

Published: 3/23/2014

Introducing the RAW stackCreating a basic skeleton with the RAW stackRefactoring the AngularJS code in the RawStackUnit testing the AngularJS code in the RAW StackUnit testing AngularJS HTTP requests...

The RAW stack and filtering movies by genre

Published: 3/20/2014

One of the options on the movie list was a set of buttons with each movies genres. This list is nice to see what a movie is about but also rather useful to filter movies on. It turns out filtering...

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