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Testing an AngularJS directive with its template

Published: 12/8/2014

Testing AngularJS directives usually isn’t very hard. Most of the time it is just a matter of instantiating the directive using the $compile() function and interacting with the scope or related...

SDC 2014 – Slides and Samples

Published: 12/2/2014

Online demo: Source code:

angular.module("module") is an anti pattern

Published: 11/7/2014

There are two ways to use the angular.module() function. There is the call with one parameter, that returns an existing module and there is an option of using two parameter which creates a new...

Using browserify to manage JavaScript dependencies

Published: 10/12/2014

Managing JavaScript dependencies in the browser is hard. Library scripts typically create global variables and functions. Other scripts now depend on those global objects to do their work. This works...

X things every JavaScript developer should know: Automatic Semicolon Insertion

Published: 8/8/2014

As with many other things in JavaScript Automatic Semicolon Insertion is usually not a problem but it can occasionally bite you if you are unaware of it. What Automatic Semicolon Insertion does is...

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