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X things every JavaScript developer should know: Comparisons

Published: 7/15/2014

Another item of things every JavaScript developer should know is how comparisons work. Just like with some of the other JavaScript, or I should really say ECMAScript, features anything you know about...

Converting the RavenDB Northwind database to a more denormalized form

Published: 7/7/2014

In a previous blog post I demonstrated how to denormalize the RavenDB sample database and use the DenormalizedReference<T> and INamedDocument types from the RavenDB documentation to make life really...

Denormalizing data in RavenDB

Published: 7/1/2014

One of the things with RavenDB, or NoSQL document databases in general, is that you don’t do joins to combine data. Normally you try to model the documents you store in such a way that the data you...

Tracking dirty objects in AngularJS

Published: 6/24/2014

Tracking if an object is changed or not in AngularJS is quite easy but is also part of the UI so not always completely obvious. If you want to see if there are changes the $scope or the model will...

X things every JavaScript developer should know: Truthy and falsy

Published: 6/22/2014

One thing that developers often confuses with JavaScript is Boolean logic. It seems to simple, you use for example an if statement and put a boolean expression in there and if it is true the block of...

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